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How it all works

PRIME37 is a writers bureau.

We bring together writers from diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Some write to fill spare time and earn extra money. Some are professional Madison Avenue copy writers working in their off hours as freelancers. All are carefully reviewed and edited by our staff.

We supply:

  • Blog Posts
  • Web Copy
  • Web Copy
  • Technical Writers
  • Newspaper Columnists
  • Freelance Reporters
  • Magazine Freelancers
  • Catalog Description Writers
  • Corporate Copywriters
  • Advertising Copywriters
  • Grant Writers
  • Non-profit Writers
  • Essay Writers
  • Business Plan Writers
  • Press Release Writers
  • eBook Writers
  • Book Writers
  • Ghost Writers
  • Resume Writers
  • Biographers
  • Annual Report Writers
  • Trade Magazine Writers
  • Researchers
  • Speech Writers
  • Instructional Designers

In fact there is no writing assignment, large or small, that we can't help you cover. Our writers adhere to our high standards and we vet each one by reviewing their resume and past work.

What's more, we assure that the work product you receive is satisfactory in every way. We proof and edit all assignments before we deliver them to you. We also work with to iron out any wrinkles you may find. But don't worry about that as we're sure you'll be delighted with the ease of use or our system and the quality of the work you receive.

The Content Source

"Good words are worth much, and cost little."
- George Herbert

The power and the value of the written word cannot be disputed. It has driven us to experience every reach of the human emotional panoply. Anger, fear, rage and hatred have been roused. Happiness, quietude, concern, understanding and love entreated. Wherever our hearts and minds can go, the power of words can bring us there.

Words have started wars and revolutions. They have inspired murder to the extent of genocide. Yet they can convey the unifying message of all religions which imbue our hearts with compassion, sympathy and mercy. They calm a sick child and give a dying man solace.

In fact we word magicians have with in our grasp the awesome power to bend the mind, govern the heart and direct man's will.

Here, at PRIME37 we employ our power for you. Your desires become ours. Do you want more web traffic? More sales? A better user's guide? A persuasive business plan?

Share your desires with us. Sit back and wait while our artists create the magic that works to fulfil your wishes. We know how to please.




PRIME37's pool of talented writers grows everyday. We work tirelessly recruiting new creative talent with the skills to provide you with a constant stream of fresh written material..


Our goal is to provide you with the best copy and content available. Quickly, easily and on time.

You want to sell and sell more. We understand that search engines devour words and spit out rankings based relevancy, freshness and quality. We supply winning words.

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The saw says a picture is worth a thousand words. Sorry, not to a search engine!

Win the SEO game. Transform your site into an information feast that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others clamour for.


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