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The truth about catalogs
Good story hold your catalog together.

Page 25 of Red Alert Magazine Winter09 - SafetyArticle

 Why am I reading this catalog?

Have you ever perceived that the reason most print publications exist is to market to a niche audience? A well laid out magazine draws us from ad to ad by stringing first class content from page to page all the through to the last one. Like a good salesman they tell stories that lead, direct and cause action.

Your catalog should do the same. By incorporating good relevant content throughout, convert a browser into a reader and guide through your pages by building desire with each well chosen word.

PRIME37 knows the truth. We can provide the copy that will transform your catalog from a jumble of pictures and haphazard copy into a well crafted and profitable sales tool.


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Our goal is to provide you with the best copy and content available. Quickly, easily and on time.

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